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About Me

TripleHeinz I Am.

Stealing air since 1983.

My friends call me crazy, as a "crazy genius" or maybe they mean as a "mad scientist".

I understand a mix of English, German, Spanish, Italian, C++, D, PHP and a little of Finnish.

I'm a lone wolf, it's difficult to share my view of the world with others.
I spend most of my time with cats rather than humans, they are more trustful and less complex.

I wake up every day with a new idea but try not to implement it so i can work, pay for food and live.

I have sleeping problems since i've born, my brain can't stop thinking about those new crazy inventions (that is a common genetical Swabian dissorder).

Don't know what else to say, stay tunned to check if i uploaded another crazy shit.

PS: I'm half German (Swabian) and half Croatian. If you're a German/Croatian female, you're crazy, you're lazy, want to get married and raise cats then send me your Curriculum Vitae, i'll love you forever.

My dark side:
(I can tell the story now). I live under very special conditions: I was victim of a fraud identity, administratively (and illegally) killed at the age of 10 and then given a different identity in South America. At the age of 18 is when the troubles really started. I went to the German embassy but could not prove my identity and was left stranded without the chance to repatriate. So I wasted the next 25 years, badly documented, doing burgerflipping jobs at minimum wage. I spent all that time trying to find evidence about my case and spent most of the savings in paperwork, procedures and lawyers. The local government gave a fuck about me, they rejected my criminal lawsuit and even my corrective lawsuit. Those bastards did not get anything from me either and they never will; all my inventions, patents, sweat and soul will go to my people, to my nation. Anyways, after years of struggling, plus the combination of bad lawyers, more negligence and incompetence I was left in an even odder position: I was able to half-fix my documents but those documents were shared between me and my previous me! A complete computer system chaos! Totally worthless and questionable documents, a real headache while trying to use them. Nonetheless, it was enough to take another stand in the German embassy again. So, after years of litigations with the German government they also commited and act of negligence: They dropped my case and left me waiting forever in a loop without notification! So, after patiently waiting for the standard bureaucratic procedure time to expire I took a different approach: With the help and intervention of the illustrious consul, after 3 and a half extra years dealing with the German government, in late 2018 I was finally freed!!! Yes, the German government gave me my IDs and now I can start my life! Today you could say I'm a 18 years old sould in a 35 years old body. What follows is not easy, I have a 25 years disadvantage, have no titles, heck I was born at the age of 35, I have to go to school probably and then after that I want to go to university and take all scientific careers (yes, all of them), I want to study all sciences in the universe. I'm late so I'll have to find a way to catch up quickly. A lot was lost forever, I accept the fact that I won't be able to do all the things I wanted to do. I lost my language to master english and spanish, but I'm currently dealing with that now. I am phisically older, still have bad nutrition, feel mentally tired and overall have to admit I withered. Life is never what you spect it to be, I'm okay with that, just really happy of not being a Zombie anymore. I love being German and I mean not about papers, I mean about blood and soul...you'll see, after all these years I could have ended up being a low profile worker or a drug dealer/addict like many of the locals but nope, I followed my guts and out of nowhere I became a self taught scientist (computer mostly), researcher, white european inventor (Google hates those words ha!, take that you satanic pseudo artificial intelligence algorithm of death). So I would say that afterall I do not have a bad profile at all, I did and invented things that were the responsability of other normally documented people with studies degrees to invent those things. Please note that I did have access to the Internet during my confinement, it was a very useful tool (a home university), and I did met very good people in the process (locals and virtuals), it was my pleasure.
I have to give my gratitude to the German government for releasing me but I must also denounce them! Not for that little negligence they did but because after all these 25 years I rotted by following the bureaucratic rules and laws, millions of non-germans simply jumped the fence in Germany and got in like nothing with full benefits, free everything and brand new papers! If I would have known it was that easy I would have done that 25 years ago! What a fucking joke, what a fucking spit on my face. I saw no humanitarian help nor human rights bringing their blessings around here. This is the most irresponsable thing my nation could have done to me. I've been culturally enritched by force for 25 years, so no fucking corrupt and ignorant politician is going to tell me how to choke on it. The worst part is that I'm on my own with the whole repatriation process, I've got nothing nor get nothing as help, while at the same time I have to pay for some other's bullshit decisions...guys "I think I have already payed way too much for something I did not do"...hmmm, it looks like a regular German pattern...
If you are a journalist and are in need of a story then contact me and I will give you mine, have all the documents and evidence (ask me anything). Lets get you that Pulitzer.
#FreeHeinz #HeinzIsFree