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Frypan-Lamp Biquad Antenna

Biquad antenna made with a frypan attached to a flexible lamp.

This is my own design of a biquad antenna for Wifi using a frying pan and a desktop lamp.

It has more gain than a stock Wifi antenna and it was tested against two different Pringles antennas, yielding better results.
Its unique design and robust construction allows for maximum flexibility and yet have a fancy look.

This antenna is the result of my own interpretation for the best technical values after experimenting with different configurations using the actual construction materials.
Althought the frying pan is made of aluminium, its levels of conductivity and reflection are satisfactory. The element is made of thin copper and it definitely needs a remake, luckily i implemented a detachable aliminium socket to play with different elements. The diameter of the socket could also be reduced to get the element closer to the reflector wich i believe is too distant. For the base i used a flexible desktop lamp, i removed the electrical wires and now i can place the antenna everywhere pointing to any direction or change the polarity in no time. I use the antenna mainly with PC Wifi cards so i naturally used a N-connector as the center because there are more cable options. To assemble all the components i used pop-rivets for a more solid and durable structure. That blue cable you see, do not put too much attention to it, it's just part of the detachable element design. I had most of the materials needed for the construction except for the frypan and the lamp wich both cost me about USD$6.

I do not have right now screenshots of performance numbers to post because i messed up my RP-SMA cable, nor i did a step by step build with illustrations and specs but i'll leave you some photos to get you the building idea. Enjoy!

Photos taken by MarĂ­a Paz Valdivia.